Georgia Zara, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Turin University (Italy), a Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society, a Member of the European Society of Criminology, and a Clinical Criminologist. She is a Visiting Scholar of the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University, collaborating with David Farrington on the study of late criminal onset, criminal recidivism, and risk assessment. She was appointed an Honorary Judge of the Surveillance Court (Turin, Italy), a role that she carried out for 10 years until December 2016. She is also the principal scientific investigator of a project on assessing risk of recidivism in sex offenders and of a project on sex offending. Her major research interests are criminal careers, criminal persistence and recidivism, risk assessment, violent offending, and sexual offending. She has published numerous scientific journal articles, and book chapters on psychological and criminological topics, five monographs, and edited two books.

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